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The circumstances of the past few weeks have forced schools to close and young people to continue their schooling from home in E-learning. To help them get through this particular period, MolenGeek puts its skills at their disposal by training teachers in digital tools dedicated to E-learning.


However, this situation remains hazardous not only for establishments which are not at all prepared for this type of emergency situation, but also for the most socially fragile young people who do not have the opportunity to own a computer at home. house, increasing their delay compared to others. Indeed, the reality on the ground is complicated in certain districts where nothing is planned for this transition to E-learning and where the material is running out, which does not facilitate the task for motivated teachers who continue to give lessons with full to their students.


MolenGeek is calling for donations !


The lack of computers being a real challenge to carry out this mission, MolenGeek calls for donations to the attention of companies to recover urgently a maximum of obsolete laptops for their activities, recondition them and then redistribute them to 1000+ students in need.


How to donate your computers?

Send us an email at community@molengeek.com with as much relevant information as possible about the donation and our team will contact you as soon as possible to plan the final details.


Who benefits from the laptops?

We collaborate with schools that have set up their course in E-learning to allow their students to access online courses as well as different E-learning content from MolenGeek to continue developing their skills. The computers received thanks to your donations are made available to students who are in school establishments with which we collaborate.

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