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Refurbishment of laptops

The lock down and closure of schools has directly impacted the digital divide for many students who do not always have the equipment necessary to access their courses online, leading to a significant risk of disparity in levels between students at the end of this quarantine period.


This is why MolenGeek launched a call for donations of laptops to companies with the aim of collecting a 1000. But the harvesting of PCs is only the first step of the project. We must now refurbish all the computers received and install the software required by the schools before redistributing them to the students of our partner schools. Using these computers, students will be able to participate in online courses, have access to MolenGeek E-Learning content as well as any other type of content allowing them to continue to develop their skills.


Today, we need you to recondition the harvested computers!


As the number of computers to be refurbished continues to increase, we have asked the help of computer technicians to help us get the computers ready for as many students as possible as quickly as possible. Your contribution will be used to cover all costs related to upgrading and preparing computers such as repairs and upgrades, data deletion, installation of the Microsoft operating system and cleaning.

How to support this project?

Support the computer refurbishment project for students in need by making a financial donation * via the “Make a donation” button on this page or in the menu and then choose the amount.


* Donations of 40 euros or more are tax deductible

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